Terminology Service

The GFBio Terminology Service (TS) enables the vision of a semantically enriched data management and archiving solution by introducing a semantic-aware component to GFBio. It allows for integrating and harmonizing terminological resources to serve as a backbone for the GFBio infrastructure. The GFBio TS acts as a semantic platform for access, development, and reasoning over internally and externally maintained terminological resources within the biological and environmental domain.

The TS and its public API (Application Programming Interface) rely on Semantic Web technologies and provide users with machine-readable access to terms and their relations for a variety of biodiversity related data. We aim to lowering the barriers to use semantic technologies in research environments by developing robust and easy-to-use widgets and services. Additionally, we support scientists to create, publish and curate their own terminologies.

Ways of using the service:

Explore the Terminology Service content

  • Browse the list of provided terminologies and their content in order to determine if the terminology is useful for your research
  • Search for terms useful for your research

Access the Terminology Service

  • Use our API to access information about terms and their relations for a wide range of terminologies
  • Use the set of offered widgets in your web application to search, select and browse terms from one or more terminologies directly


  • Provide a file to be stored locally and benefit directly from the offered services and visualisation tools
  • Register your service to be accessed remotely and enable existing and new applications to easily use your terminologies in combination with existing TS terminologies

Read more about the Terminology Service on its dedicated website:  https://terminologies.gfbio.org/