e!DAL-PGP - Plant Genomics and Phenomics Research Data Repository

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The Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) Gatersleben is one of the world’s leading institutions in plant genetics and crop science and contribute materially to exploring, conserving and exploiting crop diversity. In 2015, IPK Gatersleben and the German Plant Phenotyping Network (DPPN) have jointly initiated the Plant Genomics and Phenomics Research Data Repository (e!DAL-PGP) as an infrastructure to publish plant research data.

e!DAL-PGP provides access to cross-domain, plant-related research data that exceeds existing repositories due to their size or scope, such as image collections from plant phenotyping and microscopy, unfinished genomes, genotyping data, visualizations of morphological plant models, data from mass spectrometry as well as software and documents. e!DAL-PGP is registered as research data repository at BioSharing.org, re3data.org and OpenAIRE as valid EU Horizon 2020 open data archive.

GFBio Data Center

e!DAL-PGP provides peer reviewed data archiving and publication process of cross-domain, plant-related research data. All datasets are described with a minimum set of metadata and can be cited using a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Together with the recognition as a data repositoy, the programmatic interface and the support of standard metadata formats, e!DAL-PGP is enabled to fulfill the FAIR data principles - findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable.

Scientific data curation services (incl. taxonomic services)

e!DAL-PGP curates, archives and publishes plant-related research data. All submitted data is going through a review process to ensure technical validity and quality of the data sets.

Data domains

e!DAL-PGP focusses on cross-domain, plant related research data, including but not limited to macroscopic and microscopic plant images, sequence assemblies, genotyping data, X-ray images and visual models of plant organs, raw data from mass spectrometry, paper supplemented spread sheets and software.

IT services

e!DAL-PGP is build on the e!DAL framework.

for data submission and accession

Datasets can be submitted via a desktop application or web application. Beside functionalities for browsing, filtering and downloading of datasets, download and access statistics are provided for each DOI ( https://doi.ipk-gatersleben.de/report).

for data backup and archiving

Data backup and archiving facilities are hosted at the IPK with a Hierarchical Storage Management System (HSM) as data archival backend.

for data publication

Datasets are registered with a unique DOI at DataCite, to ensure long-term accessibility and citability of the data.

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User services

Helpdesk and User workshops.